Company Profile






Real Key Marketing cc was established in 2003 and based in Cape Town South Africa.  Initially, the founder of the REAL KEY established REAL LOCK in Taiwan in the 1970s and then started the South African operation in 1995.  The original objective of REAL LOCK was to serve the African continent by manufacturing height security locks which improve lock mechanism and strengthen the lock bodies.  Now, E LOCK, a new name has been introduced into the market and trading under REAL KEY cc


Aim and objective


The objective of REAL KEY is not only providing the best quality locks to South Africa, but also introducing new evolutional tools to facilitate the agriculture and building industry of South Africa.  Moreover, REAL KEY has devoted itself to the principle of “effectiveness”.  It has numerous designs and patents of new agricultural tools in which the strength is enhanced and the usage is improved.  REAL KEY also imports high quality and efficient power tools to ensure the effectiveness at the construction sites or workshops.  Brand names, such as “Shark Teeth” and “Yeh”, are registered so that the unique products of REAL KEY can be distinguished among other brand products and well recognized by the public.


The company sincerely believes that “REAL” KEY operates in a sense of “genuine” quality and a sense of “true” service.  Thus, the aim of REAL KEY cc is to ensure the customer satisfaction with absolute guarantee on the quality and service.  REAL KEY in South Africa is just a starting point of international marketing.  The company also believes that the future of REAL KEY will develop into world wide co-operation which is recognized by its genuine quality and true service.